True Stories: Raining down kisses

Joanna Davidson captures in a few short paragraphs that which life is about.

TRUE STORIES by Joanna Davidson Politano

My heart had the privilege of being touched by a woman I met purely by accident. I was visiting someone from my church at a nearby nursing care facility and happened to stop to fix a name plate that had slipped. I took that moment to gaze down the hall at the various residents in wheelchairs, some responsive and some not. A radio or TV buzzed from the nurse’s station. Was it painful to work there? Emotionally draining?

A voice called out to me from the crooked-sign room. “Got a minute there?” It was a white-haired, slightly mustached woman in a long flowered dress, sitting crooked in a wheelchair.

“Of course. Do you need help?”

“Why, yes I do. I want you to answer a question for me.” She wheeled to her dresser with a few grunts and dug in a drawer brimming with unfolded clothing. Out came a gorgeous picture…

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Choosing to live in the now

This is a hero.

Learning To Live For Him

When I was younger someone asked me, “Do you ever miss or wish you could run, or any of the other things I can’t do? I didn’t hesitate. I said, “No, I don’t. She said, why not? My response was, “How do you miss something you have never experienced or done? That may seem like a strange response for a young preteen disabled girl to give someone, but it is the truth. One of the realities of being born with Cerebral Palsy is I have never known another life.

Hold on to your hat, if you thought my previous response was strange. Looking back, I believe that from a young age God was preparing me for the life He had set before me. You see, I truly believe that God has a plan for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). He knew that this journey was not going to be easy…

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When Wickedness Is Foisted Upon Us

Something for all of us to consider.

Wish we didn’t have to, but there it is.

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Hi! I’m Glad You’re Here…

The actual content for Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart is found here, on Blogspot.

The reason? Back in the bad old days, I couldn’t figure out exactly how to use WordPress…and Blogspot seemed almost idiot-proof.

So click on the ‘here’, and join me there, won’t you?

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Marriage: 6 Tips For Staying Connected

This is a superb how-to for a better marriage. please read it…kudos to Jeanne!

Jeanne Takenaka

Ski Slope in morning

By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

I sat beside my hubby thirty feet above the ground, a blanket of snow glittering beneath us. As the chairlift moved us upward, I glanced over at the man I’ve shared the last twenty years of my life with. I know him, I love him, but we don’t always have time to connect. When I looked at him, I was convicted by the thought that we hadn’t connected on a soul-level all week.

Yes, there were good reasons, including a three day business trip. But are they good reasons…..really?

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Beau & Danny Reunited!

The power of love through social media…

Joy Returns

Here is the exact wording from Please Help Beau’s Facebook page.

Team Beau! Today is the day! An agreement has been reached and Beau is going to an undisclosed location to spend some time with his daddy! All because of you and your voices. There will be a lot of media coverage but your voices saved his life. We will update you more when.we can!

Praise God!

I have no doubt that Beau would have been put to sleep months ago if it were not for the power of social media in uniting people.

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Pray the Sick Away

I can add no words. This is SO true.

Along the Way

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* Sorry to include an image of false teacher Benny Hinn. It serves a purpose *

Gentle Reader,

My last post generated some good discussion both here and elsewhere. I appreciate the respect with which these conversations have been conducted. Appreciated even more that a friend pointed out that I failed to touch on something important. Something that honestly deserves its own post.

Chronic illness and prayer.

I’m choosing to address this topic in the form of a letter.


Dear you,

Thanks for telling me that I should pray and ask God to heal me. For telling me that I don’t need medical treatment. For telling me that I just need greater faith. For telling me that I need to repent of whatever. Maybe this advice comes from a place of genuine concern and love. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But here’s what you…

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