Atheism Doesn’t Pay

Blaise Pascal, the 16th-century mathematician, addressed the question of faith in the form of gambling (Pascal’s Wager).

  • God is, or is not, and reason can’t make a choice.
  • Hence, it is a wager, and it is not optional. The wager is belief.
  • If there is no God, nothing matters, for all will end in the cold dark.
  • If there is a God and one believes, one forgoes temporal joys for infinite salvation
  • If there is a God an one does not believe, one forgoes infinite salvation for temporal joys.
  • The ‘loss’ in the ‘God exists but I don’t believe’ choice is far worse, as it’s eternal.
  • Hence the rational choice is to believe; it offers the greatest gain and the smallest loss.

About aschmeisser

I'm a writer - my new book, 'Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart' will be published by Tate Publishing on July 10, 2012. It's a book about the redemptive power of love - God's love for us, the love we share through friendship, and the sacrament of romantic love.
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