Conversation in A Coffee Shop

Chicken Soup for the writer’s soul, courtesy they wonderful Cathy West…

Catherine West

I see her there. This sad reflection of myself. Sitting.


Alone only with her thoughts and the icon flashing fierce on the blank screen.

Cautiously I slide into the seat opposite her. Offer coffee. And a smile of recognition.

“Hello, writer.”


She looks up, bleary eyed. Befuddled. “How did you know?”

The question sighs from her, sings over the casual conversation around us and lands with a deflated thud that shakes my soul.

“Thought it would be so easy, huh?”


“I did. I actually did.” A half laugh escapes and tears come. She swipes at them, angry. “At first it was fun, you know? Because I didn’t really know what I was doing and who cared anyway and then  . . . and then it got real. And all these . . . stupid expectations  . . .” She shrugs and sips, leaving it unfinished.

I know. 

“You think…

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I'm a writer - my new book, 'Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart' will be published by Tate Publishing on July 10, 2012. It's a book about the redemptive power of love - God's love for us, the love we share through friendship, and the sacrament of romantic love.
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