When Wickedness Is Foisted Upon Us

Something for all of us to consider.

Wish we didn’t have to, but there it is.


About aschmeisser

I'm a writer - my new book, 'Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart' will be published by Tate Publishing on July 10, 2012. It's a book about the redemptive power of love - God's love for us, the love we share through friendship, and the sacrament of romantic love.
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3 Responses to When Wickedness Is Foisted Upon Us

  1. iwillbloom says:

    I’m terrible: my first thought when I saw you’d liked my post was “Hah, he *is* alive” (a pretty standard response, unfortunately, when I hear from someone I’ve not heard from for a while)….obviously you know what my second thought was….”Oh my goodness, how on Earth could I have thought that?”….sorry! [I kind of hope it’ll make you smirk….?….if not, please just ignore me!]….hoping things are more bearable for you (I know you had a rougher-than-usual patch a while ago)….Helen xx

    • aschmeisser says:

      I laughed out loud, and it was a good laugh!

      The rough patch did end…and then returned with a vengeance. I’m not the man I once was…there are about 20 pounds less of me. But on the other hand, I’m kind of looking like a Chinese Mick Jagger…with short hair…but a lot less money…and fewer wives.

      Where am I going with that?

      beats me. But I’m still here, and delighted that you are, too.

      • iwillbloom says:

        Hah! Glad I made you laugh! Now I have the ‘Move like Jagger’ song going round my head mixed, for some reason, with the PSY ‘Gangnam Style’ song…!! Run! Run Helen! Put on some different music to get them out of your head!!

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