“They’ve forgotten all about God…He’s the only reason we exist…” – George Harrison, from All Those Years Ago

It’s easy to forget about God. Our own egos can completely overshadow the owner of that still, small voice, and this is as true for Christians as it is for anyone else.

It’s particularly easy to do in church, when we can turn to the Scripture the pastor references, or bring up a Scriptural tag line to drop into a conversation. It’s fun to feel smart, but it raises up our own personalities that we can admire, ourselves.

And when we do, we also tend to overlook our own spouses. Marriage is a sacrament – our relationship with God writ small, but no less meaningful.

And it’s hard to see past, or through, the room full of mirrors that we build ourselves.


About aschmeisser

I'm a writer - my new book, 'Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart' will be published by Tate Publishing on July 10, 2012. It's a book about the redemptive power of love - God's love for us, the love we share through friendship, and the sacrament of romantic love.
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4 Responses to Mirrors

  1. Andrew, great thoughts here. I know I’ve forgotten about God before when I’ve referred to a man-created quote or even quoted from the Bible, but with my own intentions. Yes, I’ve been the guilty one who wanted to come off as “smart.”

    I appreciate your exhortation to not raise myself up. Especially not higher (in my own mind) than God, but also higher than my husband in my mind. We’ve been knit together, so I’m neither higher nor lower than him. And I should never let a mirror tell me otherwise.

  2. Hopeannfaith says:

    Profound words. So much truth here about how easy it can become about us … leaving God as an after thought. I will be pondering mirrors for a bit tonight.

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