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Great stuff form GREAT counselors!

The Romantic Vineyard

It’s time to share with you posts that stood out to us this week. We pray you’ll find the time to browse the list and read the posts that will help your marriage improve. God bless you and have a blessed weekend!

Gary Thomas

  • He Ate My Chocolate – Gary shares an excerpt from a new book byDebra Fileta entitled Choosing Marriage: The hardest and greatest thing you’ll ever do.

Heaven Made Marriage

Marriage Missions International

Uncovering Intimacy

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A Pirate’s Life for Me

This is VITAL. Please read!

Along the Way

Along the Way @ mlsgregg.com

Gentle Reader,

Long have I been fascinated by pirates, specifically the 17th and 18th century variety. Many were coarse, foul, murderous, thieves. Others, usually British or French, operated under the authority of the government as “privateers.” Most really did abide, at least loosely, by the dictates of a pirate code, which varied from ship to ship. These codes were at times strikingly democratic; crew members, no matter how lowly, each had a vote in “the affairs of the moment,” as Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts put it. There were female pirates – Cheng I Sao, Grace O’Malley, Anne Bonny, Mary Read – who could and did go toe-to-toe with any man.

This “golden age of piracy” has been romanticized in novels and on the big screen for decades, but the reasons for deciding on the brutal, short life of a pirate were anything but glamorous. European governments had no problem with…

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Waiting Well (what do we do while we wait for Irma?)

This is a truly excellent post about waiting. Please read!

S. Kim Henson ~ Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People In It

cup-339864_960_720“My mother taught me, when I was a little girl, that when anything very dreadful happens, I must think of what I would be doing if it had not happened, and then do that.

This excerpt comes from a World War II story about an Englishwoman who greeted her minister at the door when he showed up to let her know about her husband’s death. The woman interrupted his news and invited him in for tea. He was astounded by her hospitality in the midst of sorrow.

My wish isn’t so much about receiving bad news with grace, although I want that too, as it is about waiting with that same grace. It’s about waiting well.

Since last October, I’ve waited on Hurricane Matthew to come and go close by our beach house; the fires to extinguish at Table Rock near our mountain house; news about my car’s…

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It’s Here! It’s Here! [plus a Giveaway!]

If you read German, here’s a wonderful book from Katha von Dessien…

It’s Friday and we gather at Five Minute Friday to write about neighbors today. This week has been crazy for so many people around the world, but it has also been an amazing example of the love human beings are capable of.

It’s also September 1, and this means it’s time for the post below. This has been two years in the making and with a lot of supporting friends and neighbors it has now come into reality. I hope you join me for the celebrations!

The last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions.
There was excitement – very quiet at first because I had to keep it all a secret.
There was exhaustion – so much to prepare and so little time.
There were aha-moments – so many new things and techniques to learn.
There were doubts, oh yes – inner voices wondering whether I’m doing the…

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The Drama Triangle (replace your role with your purpose)

S. Kim Henson ~ Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People In It

“We all have family dysfunction. It’s why we’re successful, to fill that hole.” Eli Attie


My husband John and I kept a distance from our families of origin for years, even while one or both parents were alive. It wasn’t an ideal choice, but I didn’t think our marriage would survive otherwise, so I pushed for detachment. We’d leave family get-togethers and I’d exhaust him by scrutinizing how everyone acted. A family member filled me in later about bets they placed on how long our marriage would last. I didn’t have energy to fight John and confront that kind of judgment I suspected was happening.

By the time I heard the story, it was because of the irony of it – we were the only couple in the family still married to our original partner. Maybe I was right about having a better chance of staying together if we detached…

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Atheism Doesn’t Pay

Blaise Pascal, the 16th-century mathematician, addressed the question of faith in the form of gambling (Pascal’s Wager).

  • God is, or is not, and reason can’t make a choice.
  • Hence, it is a wager, and it is not optional. The wager is belief.
  • If there is no God, nothing matters, for all will end in the cold dark.
  • If there is a God and one believes, one forgoes temporal joys for infinite salvation
  • If there is a God an one does not believe, one forgoes infinite salvation for temporal joys.
  • The ‘loss’ in the ‘God exists but I don’t believe’ choice is far worse, as it’s eternal.
  • Hence the rational choice is to believe; it offers the greatest gain and the smallest loss.
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It Has To Be Told

Starting The Day With Grace

“The schools would fail through their silence, the Church through its forgiveness, and the home through the denial and silence of the parents. The new generation has to hear what the older generation refuses to tell it.” – SImon Wiesenthal

He who has ears, let him hear…and heed.

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