The Drama Triangle (replace your role with your purpose)

S. Kim Henson ~ Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People In It

“We all have family dysfunction. It’s why we’re successful, to fill that hole.” Eli Attie


My husband John and I kept a distance from our families of origin for years, even while one or both parents were alive. It wasn’t an ideal choice, but I didn’t think our marriage would survive otherwise, so I pushed for detachment. We’d leave family get-togethers and I’d exhaust him by scrutinizing how everyone acted. A family member filled me in later about bets they placed on how long our marriage would last. I didn’t have energy to fight John and confront that kind of judgment I suspected was happening.

By the time I heard the story, it was because of the irony of it – we were the only couple in the family still married to our original partner. Maybe I was right about having a better chance of staying together if we detached…

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Atheism Doesn’t Pay

Blaise Pascal, the 16th-century mathematician, addressed the question of faith in the form of gambling (Pascal’s Wager).

  • God is, or is not, and reason can’t make a choice.
  • Hence, it is a wager, and it is not optional. The wager is belief.
  • If there is no God, nothing matters, for all will end in the cold dark.
  • If there is a God and one believes, one forgoes temporal joys for infinite salvation
  • If there is a God an one does not believe, one forgoes infinite salvation for temporal joys.
  • The ‘loss’ in the ‘God exists but I don’t believe’ choice is far worse, as it’s eternal.
  • Hence the rational choice is to believe; it offers the greatest gain and the smallest loss.
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It Has To Be Told

Starting The Day With Grace

“The schools would fail through their silence, the Church through its forgiveness, and the home through the denial and silence of the parents. The new generation has to hear what the older generation refuses to tell it.” – SImon Wiesenthal

He who has ears, let him hear…and heed.

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When God Seems Idle

This post is a true gift!

The Barefoot Blog

I read the most disturbing, kind of hilarious thing today.

According to TIME Magazine, the human attention span is officially lower than a goldfish’s.

8 seconds, ya’ll: the average human attention span.


I believe it. When I get restless, I am quick as a whip to pull out my phone or fill my time with whatever is right in front of me. With convenient entertainment increasing, there is always something for us to turn to when we are in a funk.

This inability to focus may seem obvious when it to our everyday lives, but how do you think it rubs off onto our spiritual lives?  When we find ourselves in a season of wandering, I am willing to bet these distracted tendencies play a huge part in the ways we wait on God.

In Exodus 32, the Israelites were still wandering through the desert when God called Moses and Joshua…

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Last Pearl Harbor Surviving Ship

Who would have thought that a ship that was at Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 is still afloat?


Taney serves 50 years…..Continuous

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Posted by: PA3 Casey Ranel, 8th USCG District PA

Coast Guard Cutter Taney was named for Roger Brooke Taney, who was born in Calvert Co., Md., March 17, 1777. U. S. Coast Guard photo.

Tucked away in the Baltimore Harbor is the Coast Guard Cutter Taney, a 327-foot Security Class cutter that was commissioned, Oct. 24, 1936, after being built at the Philadelphia Navy Ship Yard. By 1941, the cutter and its crew of 221 was on its way to become a vital part of American history.

The Taney was named for Roger Brooke Taney, who was born in Calvert County, Md., March 17, 1777. Taney graduated from Dickinson College in 1795 and went on to study law in Annapolis, Md. Following school, he started a law practice in Baltimore. By 1831, Taney was appointed United States Attorney General, and in…

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Conversation in A Coffee Shop

Chicken Soup for the writer’s soul, courtesy they wonderful Cathy West…

Catherine West

I see her there. This sad reflection of myself. Sitting.


Alone only with her thoughts and the icon flashing fierce on the blank screen.

Cautiously I slide into the seat opposite her. Offer coffee. And a smile of recognition.

“Hello, writer.”


She looks up, bleary eyed. Befuddled. “How did you know?”

The question sighs from her, sings over the casual conversation around us and lands with a deflated thud that shakes my soul.

“Thought it would be so easy, huh?”


“I did. I actually did.” A half laugh escapes and tears come. She swipes at them, angry. “At first it was fun, you know? Because I didn’t really know what I was doing and who cared anyway and then  . . . and then it got real. And all these . . . stupid expectations  . . .” She shrugs and sips, leaving it unfinished.

I know. 

“You think…

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Save Sophie the Husky

Please read this, and sign the petition. The whole thing’s a farce, and an innocent dog who survived being shot four times will be killed – for nothing.

Joy Returns

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for something more worthwhile…saving Sophie the Husky

Here is the link to the petition on’s site to Save Sophie the Husky.

Sophie is a 13 month old puppy who accidently got out and went over to a neighbor’s house killing a free-range chicken. The owner of the chicken is illegally raising them.

He shot the puppy at point-blank range.

God worked through the vet and Sophie will live – but only so she can be euthanized for killing the chicken as she is now labeled a vicious dog.

Please sign the petition and then share on any social media accounts you have. 

The people behind this battle are the same ones who worked to Save Beau last year under similar circumstances. Through the power of social media we can save Sophie as well.

Sophie has her on Facebook Page “Save Sophie the Husky.” 

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